November 16th, 2016

Administrivia: We're Back!

I'll do trip reports (backdated) hopefully later today or tomorrow. I'm also planning on doing a hopefully short but probably longer than I want it to be post about the electoral college, the decennial census and redistricting. This intersecting set of complicated aspects of our democracy is apparently completely opaque to many if not most voters, and has powerful, lasting effects on elections. The 2020 census is close enough that it affects planning for where we direct our energies (state legislature races in the next cycle(s) especially), and I am concerned that even though the 2010 redistricting was disastrous for Democrats and continues to deliver elections to Republicans, Democrats in general remain unaware of the importance of state legislature races in the years leading up to a census year and the associated redistricting. And we wind up blaming the wrong people when we lose elections.

But first, trip reports! Because there is a lot more to life than politics.

Daily Activities Include: Laundry, one walk, two grocery stores, gymnastics, half day, two sitters

I did the laundry today that I did not do last night because I preferred to sleep.

I went on one walk. D. was busy, but M. and I were very, very happy to walk and talk.

I went to Roche Bros. to buy yogurt, american cheese and cabbage, the basic necessities of life in other words. T. and I went to Whole Foods after his gymnastics lesson.

T. and I had a long talk (viz. I did a lot of screaming and threatening, then we actually talked, and we came to some agreements as to how we can proceed with less of me screaming and threatening to cancel everything. Basically, he agrees to ask for an explanation politely, once, accept no if told no, and NOT refuse to do what he is directed to do when he does not receive an explanation that he finds satisfactory. You know, one of those Here's How Civil Society Works parenting things.). T. is a really good boy, unfortunately, half his genetic material came from me and the other half came from R. and we are really kind of stubborn people who want to know why things are the way they are.

Despite this stressful experience, T. went to gymnastics and did as well as he could. He is now out with his sitter. A. is out with her sitter, with a stack of worksheets and similar that she missed along with missing school this past week.

Cooked bacon, made cole slaw, made a salad, had lunch at home, blogged the trip reports, went through the mail from last week, cleaned out the produce drawer, took out the compost, took out the garbage. Busy day, but you know, it is almost 5 p.m. Oh! Had a _great_ phone conversation with a friend I've been missing talking to for a long time. Had another great phone conversation with my Dutch instructor. It's been a tough week for a lot of people, but I really love how my people are reaching out to each other and me and showing love and support and exchanging ideas on how to go forward together. Because we really are stronger together.