November 13th, 2016

Hollywood Studios, Park Fare

Having settled in finally, we had a lovely time at Hollywood Studios, riding Star Tours during the early magic hour until we were pretty sick of it. We also caught Midway Mania at the start of the day and on a FastPass -- it is not so nuts in terms of line build since they doubled it (or should I say Dumbo'd it?). A. bought Holly, a barbie sized doll themed to look like an employee of the Tower of Terror. It seems to be part of a series and is her new, constant companion.

ETA: While playing with the doll after unboxing it, I got to have a half hour conversation with my friend K. It was lovely!

We left fairly early -- we usually do from Hollywood Studios. R. drove us in the rental car over to a very early dinner at Park Fare. They have reversed the entrance and exit of the restaurant, confusing us, and agitating T. *sigh* I agree with them that the layout is better. They seem to have done away with the group photo. The food and service is good, as always. I hauled three autograph books all the way to WDW and never did remember to get them back out of the luggage. I apologized to A., who said she didn't need any more autographs because she had them all already. Can't argue with that logic.