October 21st, 2016

Friday's Activities Include: chinese food in Chelmsford, Snapfish, Michael's

Today, R. helpfully lifted the lower bin out of the freezer so we could clean the floor of it. Yuck. But less yuck now!

We went out for Chinese for lunch in Chelmsford. Haven't been there in a while. I figured I'd try something a little different this time and got the duck and veg; that was yummy.

A. wants unicorn wings on her Ty Fantasia(s). So R. took A. to Michael's to pick out some fabric. Maybe they will work on that this weekend.

I didn't walk much today; D. and I did a shorter walk and by the time M. came over it was raining. It is now thunder and lightning; hopefully we will not lose power. The grass and trees could sure use the water, not to mention the aquifers.

I struggled a bit getting photos to upload to Flickr from my phone (broken internet or unrelated -- who can even tell?), but eventually collected enough to place a holiday card order on Snapfish. I also ordered the CD for A.'s school photos two years ago when she was in kindergarten; we don't know if we never got it or we lost it. Either is possible.

I did some decluttering, and in the course of doing so found some missing pieces for things I have already given away. Fortunately, at least some of those things went to people I know, so I can pass the little bits along. Also, the radio flyer horse went to the sitter's grandsons (twins). My kids have mostly outgrown it.

I made blondies, thawed chicken and soaked black beans. But I didn't really do any cooking. R. is going to grill the chicken tomorrow; I'll probably do something with the beans then, too.