September 12th, 2016

Monday's Activities Include: breakfast, walk, Whole Foods, no sitter, playdate, etc.

I went to breakfast in Groton with my friend A. We had a lovely walk after. I was supposed to meet D. for a walk but she was not feeling well. I thus had time to go grocery shopping at Whole Foods. Once I was home, I got a couple things done. I went through email and learned that photos taken a while back are still delayed. I double checked a couple Duplo sets that were going to go home with the sitter for her daughter and grandchildren. But the sitter canceled, so that will have to wait. We did have a playdate, which was nice. During the playdate, I was still trying to work the fridge problem in the condo. It is currently supposed to be installed on the 19th. We'll see. It has taken close to a month to do something amazingly simple that people keep wanting to make complicated. And while my Priestess is phenomenal at taking measurements, no one seems to want to believe them. Bizarre!

I paid a couple bills. I ordered a cosmetology head for my niece. I ordered a second pair of swim trunks for my son, and also an ant farm. I made crispy kale and had a kale and spinach salad for lunch. I did laundry. I cooked bacon. I thawed chicken which R. later cooked on the grill and I had for dinner. I finally got the aerobed and tent T. used at the Cape folded up and bagged. I walked with M. I ordered tickets for an upcoming trip (theme parks). I vacuumed out a couple big drawers in the kitchen (emptied, cleaned, restored). I washed part of a wall in the bathroom. I talked to R. on the phone for an hour and a half.

I'm very tired and I still haven't had my drink. Soon! Soon, I swear. Altho I think I need to go do bedtime routine for the kids next.