September 4th, 2016

Sunday's Activities Include: Applebee's, horse, Savers, pie, roomba upstairs, area rugs

The Mesclun from Idylwilde with Trader Joe's peanut dressing made a nice addition to my bagel with pb & j that I normally have for breakfast. (Well, the bagel isn't really normal. An english muffin is normal, but we had bagels left from the Cape trip, when we made some of the kids bagel pizzas one night.)

T. and I had lunch at Applebee's. Then we went to the horse. We were early, so we drove around Carlisle some. After the horse (nice to see friends again!), we went to Savers and dropped off 3 kid umbrellas and some toys (bag of Minnie playsets and a batcave). I ran the roomba upstairs a couple times. The landing and hallway are now good, as is the master bathroom and A.'s room. I haven't gotten to T.'s room yet, and the master needs another 20 minutes or so. Roomba does a lovely job under the bed, but needs more time there.

In the course of doing the master bathroom, I asked R. about one of the area rugs. There are three in there, and two make sense to me and are in good shape. The third looks beat to hell (the former cleaner's vac did a real number on the shag and tons of loops are pulled out). We pitched it. That inspired me to take another area rug that used to be in T.'s room years ago and pitch it, also. I didn't even have to drive anywhere to get rid of them. From a zero waste perspective, terrible behavior, I know! But fuck it. At least one of them was mostly post-consumer recycled fiber anyway.

T. requested tacos at home. This was amazing. I used a packet of taco seasoning that R. (sister) gave me when we were at the Cape. It is unusual, in that it contains neither MSG or MSG clones as a major ingredient, nor does it contain any milk products. It tastes okay and T. likes it. We actually kinda had a family dinner (A. ate other things) where three of us ate the same food at the same time (well, T. and I had the last two flour tortillas, so R. had a corn tortilla, and T. only had beef with seasoning while R. and I put more on ours, including different salsas for each of us). Now that I've tasted it, I am pretty sure I can get close enough to that for T.'s purposes. Which is good, because I think the nearest Aldi's is in Leominster, which is a bit of a haul.

Dinner was so easy, and it was so pleasant to not have to take T. out, that I collected a bunch of the apples, the peeler, a knife and some bowls, and prepped the innards of an apple pie (peeled, cored, sliced, cinnamon sugared). R. did the crust. I've had a slice, and if I get hungry in the middle of the night, I know what I'm going downstairs for.