August 11th, 2016

Thursday's Activities Include: canceled Dutch lesson, one playdate, cooking, really hot no walks

Today, my Dutch lesson was canceled because the instructor had a cold. This is somewhat funny, because I didn't go on the off chance I might give him the cold my son had. He got it anyway, which makes me sad for him, but at least it's not my fault.

T.'s last day of summer school was yesterday. We went to Whole Foods. He hadn't necessarily wanted to go, but I needed some things for the two play dates today. The second play date was ultimately canceled, which is probably just as well because A. would probably have been quite tired if she had school and two play dates in a row. As it was, she was very happy, and we reschedule the second one to next Thursday.

I made two rounds of salsa (one ginger jalapeno no garlic no onion for R., one cubanelle garlic and green onions -- both tomato, cilantro, lime) and had tortilla chips and black bean tortilla chips. Since that play date never happened, I got to eat my salsa, guacamole (didn't make it -- got that at the store), some of the black bean chips and a freezer burrito (Amy's Kitchen non dairy) for dinner.

I've been doing a fruit plate and a raw veg plate for the daily playdates. The fruit plate has strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, clementine, apple. The raw veg plate is carrots, celery, radish, grape or cherry tomatoes, bell pepper. After about three hours, there is usually about a quarter of the veg left and a tiny amount of fruit. As a really nice side effect, my snacking has gotten much healthier. Altho I do usually break out the blondies after a couple hours.

It was really hot and muggy, so we didn't actually walk today. That was sort of a bummer, but walking would have been more of a bummer and I needed a rest day anyway.

No cleaning (beyond the usual round of laundry and run the dishwasher) and no decluttering. Altho I am plotting a huge furniture rearrangement involving both kids bedrooms and the 3rd floor for the weekend, but I need to go buy some pink bedding in double/queen size first.