August 6th, 2016

Saturday's Activities Include: Whole Foods (cake!), library playground, phone call, lunch at Julie's

Today, T. and I went to Whole Foods where we picked up a few things and ordered a birthday cake for his party in one week. After we dropped the food off at home, we went to Goward Playground next to the library. T. returned a book for me and played while I talked on the phone with K., who is really enjoying her new place in Skagit.

It started raining, so T. and I went to Learning Express to buy presents for a birthday party for friends. We ultimately did not go to the party, but R. and A. did go and brought the presents with them. T. and I went to Julie's Place for lunch. Later, T. wants R. to take him to the pub on the common.

It's a pleasant day today, not too muggy altho very bright. I walked to lunch; T. rode his scooter.

ETA: Over the last couple of days, I have used the energy I wasn't expending (because I'd unsubscribed from a bunch of stuff a few days before) deleting emails repetitively to go back through older emails and deal with their excruciatingly boring contents. I mean, this is stuff like, account would like to know if my personal information is up to date. I know damn well it ain't, but can't be bothered to fix it. Until yesterday/today. So far: replaced a main address that was still in NH (only 9 years now!) with a correct main address (doesn't really matter -- the shipping and billing addresses were right. What the hell does it _have_ the main address for, then?). While I was there, I tracked down an oddness with my first name that had crept in somewhere along the way. I also corrected a secondary phone number (someone had entered the area code twice -- still not sure how that could even happen) on another account. I noticed that I had restaurant reservations in my email that were not in my online calendar; that led to discovering some reservations that were in neither my email nor my calendar. Good news: I've managed to deal with and get rid of over 100 email messages in my inbox. Bad news: there's more than 100 left (altho not more than 200, so that's something, amirite?).

Faraday Cage in the news!

Pub owner wanted people to, you know, actually talk to other people in the bar. He had some copper mesh. He thought, hmmmm.

It isn't a perfect cage (one customer complained that she actually got a signal, and she was moved to another table). But I have no objection whatsoever to the bar owner who did this or anyone who finds it an enjoyable place to go (Sussex seems like a long way to go for a pint, but that's cause I live in _New_ England). Unlike active jamming devices, which endanger other people and equipment in a variety of ways, a faraday cage that that stops people in the building from getting a signal has only one apparent problem: what if you need to call for emergency services? The owner supplied a land line, so no worries there.

(Don't read the International Business Times coverage; their site did something to Firefox and I had to force quit to get out of it.)