July 13th, 2016

BI coverage of VaultOS


Go ahead. Read it.

I have some ex-Amazon friends who work down near where my sister lives. When I went to visit her last December, I caught up with a couple of them and listened to what they had to say about the innards of some of the claims processing systems that the ... entire country relies on. If core banking is an exercise in computer science history from the 1970s, well, what my friends are propping up is an exercise in computer science history from the 1960s.

I find it completely fascinating, and long before I heard about VaultOS, I couldn't help thinking that banks had a comparable problem (basically create something that can be adjusted in deeply unpredictable ways to comply with changes in the regulatory environment, must scale to enormous, and be hyper reliable. And careers end -- sometimes in prison sentences -- when things go wrong). I'm super excited to hear that people are working the banking side.

Maybe they'll go work on the other problem next! It's the only thing I see in the world around me that is enough to tempt me out of retirement, not because of any kind of "cool" factor, but just because of the sheer importance to our civilization continuing successfully. I would so prefer for someone else to fix it before I actually decided to go get a job.

Wednesday's Activities Include: walk, laundry, cooking, forgetting

I completely forgot I was supposed to go get a pizza for T.'s lunch and deliver it to him at school. About 20 minutes into his lunch, the teacher called and went, "So..." and I went, "D'oh" and I had blondies in the oven. Good news, A. and her sitter had not yet gotten out of the house so I assigned the sitter the task of monitoring the baked goodies, called the pizza place, ordered the pizza, drove over, picked it up and rushed it over to T.'s school. T. is not too sad, so I'm calling this a success. Next time, I'm putting that in my phone, because my brain is a sieve.

I walked with M. this morning. I did some laundry. I cooked bacon and baked blondies. I made a big salad. I made lunch (unrelated to any of the preceding: I ate one of the hot italian pork sausages R. grilled on Monday, along with sauteed bell pepper, green onions, mushrooms, in red sauce on toasted mini baguette slices). I pulled some probably already too small pants out of A.'s dresser and packed them up to go to a friend. I found her gymnastics shortall, which leaves marks on her shoulders, and ordered the next size up. I called Altitude to find out whether they have slots on a date in August for a birthday party (they do! All of them! Which means I really can safely wait until T. gets home to discuss with him when he would like to have his birthday party).

A. has headed off to go swimming followed by an arcade and dinner. T. should be returning home shortly. R. is going out to see a band tonight, but I _think_ we might be able to fit a dinner out before the kids return home for the evening.