July 6th, 2016

Wednesday's Activities Include: Laundry, Beach, housecleaning

I'll probably edit this later.

A. is off to school. T. is headed to the beach with his sitter. I've got laundry running and am verrrryyyy slowly working on some house cleaning (stovetop, so far). I got one walk in with M. I am looking forward to a second walk with D. later on, while the kids have a playdate supervised by the other sitter. I pre-negotiated dinner at home with T. (bagel pizzas).

Since I'm back from one vacation, I'm poking at vacation planning timelines for future vacations. Some things I still can't do -- that's always true -- but I did get one dinner reservation for 9 set up (that's always exciting) at a Brazilian place we've never been to before.

ETA: T. and I did indeed have bagel (him) and english muffin (me) pizzas. It's funny how, between food preferences and dietary constraints, these can wind up having zero ingredients in common. He doesn't like salami, I do. He has real mozzarella shredded. I have fake mozzarella sliced. My red sauce is the Trader Joe's NSA marinara. His is the contadina squeeze bottle. He has mini bagels (white flours); I have whole wheat english muffins. But we had a meal in common, at home, which was unusual for us and fun. (And if you are thinking, seriously, why bother with the NSA sauce if yer gonna have salami with it, well, I used to ask stuff like that about people who asked for extra butter on their popcorn and had it with a diet coke, thirty years ago when I worked concessions at Aurora Village Cinemas. We all have Our Own Thing.)

Oh, and if you aren't sodium sensitive (my blood pressure is fine, thank you, and I'd like to keep it that way), NSA = no salt added.

I didn't make it further with the house cleaning, but the play date went fantastically well. Three kids, two playing together on a craft project (one of those plush craft pillow decoration things); the third (older boy) brought his computer. They had snacks and sandwiches and fruit and berries and ice cream, so I got to feel like Actual Company Happened At My House, which is a lot less frequent than I would like. D. and I got to do the long walk _despite_ it being 93 in the shade and the walk wasn't (all) in the shade. When I came back, I stuck my head under the kitchen faucet to cool down. I'd warned D. I was gonna do this (and offered the same to her, but she is better behaved than me/it isn't her house so she didn't take me up on it), but didn't warn the sitter, who laughed at me (in a nice way) while I was doing it. I turn scary red when I get too warm and this is the quickest way I've found to bring my temperature down that doesn't involve actually stepping into a shower.