July 5th, 2016

Tuesday's Activities Include: Day of Cancel, school starts for A., TJ Maxx

Today was the day of cancel. I had told our cleaning service/house cleaner (both) that I didn't care whether she came on Monday (our regular day, would have to pay time and a half) or Tuesday. She opted to Tuesday and left the time up to me since her regular Tuesday had canceled. I bounced the choice back to her and ... health issues on her side led to a complete cancel, altho it wasn't clear it was a complete cancel until well into the afternoon. No worries -- we were gone half the week so the place just isn't that bad.

Today, A. started her summer program. It starts wicked early -- the bus arrived before 8:15. But she's been excited to go and she had a good time. Meanwhile, I hung out with T. until his sitter arrived.

In theory, I would have been at my Dutch lesson when she returned and in practice, the sitter arrived in plenty of time. However, my Dutch lesson canceled, so I was around, too. They went off to lunch. Both kids wound up seeing The BFG with their respective sitters, but at different theaters and different times. I gather it was an okay movie, but nothing memorable. A. is very excited to be watching Inside Out again, this time on her iPad.

I went for three walks -- I split them up because my feet hurt from 4 days walking slowly and standing at the parks on concrete. At least this trip, I didn't have to push a stroller at all!

T. got home and wanted to go out to dinner. We finally made it to the Pub on the Common. Then he agreed to go to TJ Maxx and Roche Bros. with me (we really needed bread for A., and I was feeling like shoe and purse shopping -- T. calls them "pocketbooks" because that is what the sitter calls them. That is a word I have never understood). I got new flip flops, and some Nike zeros ("Barefoot Running"?) that seem promising, also a pair of Sofft slides. I bought a pair of water sandals that are slides (men's) at one of the parks and it turns out I may like them better than flip flops.