July 3rd, 2016

Sunday's Activities Include: StoryLand, 99

Today was sort of a repeat of Saturday. We went to StoryLand. Had an early lunch. It was hotter, so A. and I did the Egyptian themed slow boat with water fight ride. We dried off amazingly quickly after. Went back to the hotel. This time, R. took the kids to Kahuna Laguna and I got some quiet time. We had dinner at the 99, which we _thought_ was new, but was apparently just renovated.

I tried to talk the kids into going outlet shopping, but it was a nonstarter this time.

T. suggested packing up in the evening. I was slightly flabbergasted but happy to do so. This trip, I brought A.'s Small World duffel and instead of putting her clothes in it, brought it nearly empty (a book and a couple stuffed animals she sleeps with). I systematically put all the toys she got in the grab bags/presents she buys at the theme parks into the bag when she wasn't playing with them. This helped reduce the massive array of clutter that otherwise infects every surface at the hotel but especially the dining table.