June 18th, 2016

Saturday's Activities Include: skating, fair, dinner at Pub on the Common, gymnastics, etc.

Today, T. and I went to Whole Foods. R.'s brother J. came by to pick up the bike trailers, which our kids are too big for, and his kid is Just Right for. An exciting transition! I missed that, because I had taken A. to gymnastics. One more week for her and then no gymnastics for a couple months (well, open gym, but no Saturday classes). After gymnastics we went to McDonald's, then we went home to drop off leftovers (which she ate later on) and to use the facilities. Then we went to the playground next to the library. R. and T. met us at the library. (They went out to lunch somewhere; I've forgotten where if I ever knew.) A. got to play with various kids at the playground, not including her brother (they are in an argumentative phase). Eventually, we left to go home. T. and R. went ice skating. A. and I hung out at home, and my walking partner M. brought her dog over for a visit. I offered P. the new treat (inadvertently new -- I thought I was ordering the usual, but got same brand, different format of treat). P. was suspicious, but after chewing through one bite, hoovered up the rest enthusiastically. I'm calling that a win.

T. and I went to dinner at Pub on the Common. We are very predictable, and one of the lovely ladies running the bar brought my drink over without having to even be asked. This probably makes me a regular. I had pizza and T. had a grilled cheese, then we stopped at Kimball Farm (the main one), where he used a gift card someone had given him to get a small ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. He actually remembered to pull it off the magnetic board before we left home to go to dinner. That is some planning and organization, right there. I'm impressed by him.

After we came back, T. and R. went to the Lions' Club Fair. A. and I are once again hanging out at home.

My cold is starting to go away. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. It was really a grind.

I'm currently taking a break from Jane Jameson to read Mary Roach's _Gulp_ for book group on Monday. It's good, but then, everything by Mary Roach is.