June 12th, 2016

Sunday's Activities Included: horse, Applebee's for lunch, dinner at home

I had a lovely time chatting with my friends while T. rode during his regular lesson. We had lunch beforehand at Applebee's. My walking partner and her dog came over for a brief visit during the morning. When we got back from the horse, R. went for a walk while I attempted to take the kids to the library playground. However, there was absolutely no parking there, so we went to Martin Street instead, which was lucky because A. didn't want to leave. R. joined us there on foot. I handed him car keys and similar, removed my stuff from my car and T. and I walked back to the house.

T. decided that he wanted to have bagel pizzas (a new thing for him that he had for the first time on a recent playdate). We had a little discussion about whether he was going to have American cheese or Mozzarella. I pointed out that if he had American, he would be changing things so he went with mozzarella. I bought pre-grated mozzarella, because that's what had been used for the playdate pizza (and squeeze pizza sauce), and I wasn't taking any chances (well, I didn't go to Market Basket and buy their store brand for the grated cheese, so I guess I took a slight chance) that anything would turn out to be Not Like Before.

I've finished the extant Half Moon Hollow books and have gone backwards to read the original series, the Nice Girls/Jane Jameson books. They are quite fun also.