June 9th, 2016

Today's Activities Include: sitting on the couch

My foot hurts. So I'm giving it a little rest today, after all of yesterday's walking. I'll walk with M. in a bit.

I forgot to mention: yesterday I finally finished catching up on Agents of Shield! I cast about for what other video entertainment I had stopped in the middle of, and remembered that I never did finish watching Guardians of the Galaxy. So I did that today. Altho it was a little frustrating, because while the plot line had stuck with me, and everyone's relationships and appearance, I had _completely_ forgotten _everyone's_ name. That's actually worse than it sounds, because a fair amount of the conversations in the movie are about what non-present people are doing/have done/might do next, so being unable to remember names is incredibly confusing. Nouns. I'm beginning to hate them.

Not a lot going on other than that. T. and I went to Whole Foods yesterday. I did a little cooking today. I'm looking forward to a phone call shortly, and two sitters this afternoon/evening.