June 5th, 2016

Today's Activities Include: Rain, Soccer, Lunch at Home

Expect an update, because I'm determined to actually start blogging regularly again so I'm just gonna post and update rather than wait for some magical moment where the day is over and I can blog about it yet somehow I have not toppled over from fatigue. Because those magical moments are not happening currently.

It is raining today. However, people have not canceled anything yet. Yay! It's pretty warm (mid-high 60s) so not painful to be out in the wet and it isn't pouring it's just a straight up Seattle style medium rain, light by NE standards.

Since we missed last week's soccer due to being out of town, it was nice to get to see all my new friends one last time. There is a general desire to continue with soccer, but this group doesn't do summer soccer because it is too hot. However, they are planning on some basketball and track stuff ("Kick with care" is connected to "Hoops with care" and "Run with care" -- hey, if it's all the same people running it, I am on board because these people are _wonderful_). I found the websites but they don't have dates/locations yet, which is unsurprising because they told us in person they don't have dates/locations yet.

T. is having leftover pizza today from yesterday's lunch at Bertucci's. He's planning on following that up with leftover ham and cheese sandwich from yesterday's dinner at Pub on the Common. Since I took T. to Bertucci's (part of the Apple Store outing), R. took him to Littleton for dinner last night.

The latest episode of My Little Pony, "Flutter Brutter", is riveting. On balance, I think I approve, altho I'm going to have to think about it for a while. Summary here: http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Flutter_Brutter

I was concerned that there was going to be a See It All Works Great If He Just Tries ending, but in fact it was a lot more realistic than that. The discussion about fear of failure and thus wanting to not even try was decent. The Tough Love sequence in the forest included enough supervision to not be a Bad Idea, and it did get its point across. The show found a reasonable balance between depicting Fluttershy's brother having genuine problems that he could not readily compensate for (and that had flummoxed his otherwise loving and supportive and intelligent family as well) and Fluttershy's brother using those problems as a reason for putting substantial effort into failing cartoonishly so people would just take care of him and let him do what he wanted. Best of all, Zephyr Breeze's problems existed in a family dynamic that actually made sense. I love that MLP exists. It is amazing, that a "children's" show can take on this kind of issue with a sense of humor and get it mostly right. It's not perfect, but it's hard to think of anything better out there. I particularly liked that the solution was basically, let's go with what Zephyr Breeze had a passion for (Mane Therapy) and help him develop more tolerance for the possibility of failure so he could persist and then succeed. I also appreciated that Fluttershy did not dismiss her brother's fear of failure but instead validated it and normalized it by pointing out that she, too, had these fears.