June 4th, 2016

Recent Activities Include: Yeah, I Am Not Sure What Happened Either

On the Friday afternoon leading into Memorial Day weekend, we picked up the kids at their schools and drove up to Concord, NH, where we had a lovely dinner at The Common Man. They are serving Luxardo cherries in their excellent Manhattans, and of course the food continues to be consistently good. I seem to recall a salmon filet and a wedge salad.

We checked into the Residence Inn in North Conway. The following morning, we drove up to Jefferson, where it was over 90 degrees. I cannot tell you how shocking that is: over 90 on Memorial Day weekend is a little odd anyway, but in Jefferson? Unheard of. We had a good time at Santa's Village and spent a chunk of that time in the water park area. T. and R. got takeout that evening in North Conway from the new 99; A. and I ate food in the hotel room that we had brought with us. Santa's Village is installing a new ride! We got to smell brake lining type smell while they were testing it. Kind of awful smell but looks like fun. It opened a few days after we were there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZpBFc0JOe8. It's a metal coaster with a spinning ride vehicle.

R. went to the liquor store and picked up some High West Rye, Antica Formula vermouth and Peychaud's. I used the cup from the children's medicine to measure out the components of a Manhattan. Does that make it medicinal?

On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, we went to StoryLand. It was a little busy, but not crazy. They seem to have resolved their IT issues, because we were able to get our actual season passes, with photos, without waiting in a crazy line, before we left in the afternoon. I got A. a stroller, possibly the last ever. She was kind of tired still from the previous day walking and I didn't want to have to carry her later in the day.

On Memorial Day, we packed everything up in the morning, checked out, and went to Storyland. It was _very_ quiet. We had been somewhat concerned it was going to rain, but in the event it was basically done sprinkling before we left the hotel and it even warmed up nicely by the middle of the day when we left, so the kids got to ride the raft ride.

We got unpacked and everything put away in record time and T. and I were out to dinner by 5 p.m. I got ride photos downloaded from picsolve and the Santa's Village thumb drive within a couple days, but basically everything else has completely slipped past me since then. And no, I don't have an explanation why.

On Wednesday, T.'s gymnastics teacher was out, due to offspring with appendicitis. Yikes! I hope the offspring enjoys a complete and speedy recovery. There was a replacement instructor, however, T. invoked I Hate Unexpected Changes and we instead went grocery shopping.

Sometime between our return and Friday, A. spilled a cup of water into T.'s laptop while she was watching Cookie Swirl C videos on Youtube (that's a toy vlogger, if you are wondering what the hell that's all about -- it took me a while to figure it out). It stopped working, and A. is back to using an iPad.

This most recent Friday (yesterday), we had a playdate, and both our kids decided to participate. T. was introduced to bagel pizza made in a toaster oven and he liked it a lot.

Today, I took T. to the Apple Store with his laptop to find out what the range of options are for dealing with the spill. The computer itself is about two and a half years old, so I don't feel like I got completely screwed on this (if you buy a laptop for the kiddos to use to protect your own, and it lasts 2 years, I figure you did okay, given the base level foolishness of buying them a laptop in the first place). They provided a quote for a repair and I contemplated the cost of an 11 inch replacement and decided to buy the replacement and hang onto the old one. If, when it finishes drying out, it works, A. gets it. In the meantime, T. isn't punished for being kind enough to let his younger sister use his laptop.

I've been going through A.'s drawers (like in her dresser! Silly!) and sorting through things that aren't fitting. She is ludicrously tall for her age (this is actually objectively true, for suitable values of "ludicrously") and I keep thinking maybe she'll slow down growing, but no, she seems to be accelerating. (<-- Probably not objectively true.) We gave some of the results of the culling to the playdate visitors, but of course today I filled another large bag. I also dropped off some other items (from T. and R.) at the Middle Class Guilt Reduction Station. I've been trying to get A. to help me clear off some of the drift of toys on the kitchen table, but she's a hoarder which is a bit of a problem.

I've also been reading the Half Moon Hollow Series, but I'm so far behind on reviewing books that I may or may not bother to ever review them. They are silly, and fun, and remind me a little of JAK. My sister actually bought the first one on a $1.99 or whatever promo, so when I went to buy it for full price, I was amused to discover it was sitting there already bought.

The kids have been watching movies on iTunes lately. It's kind of fun.