May 24th, 2016

Today's Activities Include: kid home from school, Monsters Inc, lunch at Julie's Place

When a kid throws up, the schools don't really want that kid around until a decent interval has passed. Even tho I was pretty convinced that T. is Just Fine and only threw up because he got himself so worked up about a variety of things which had offended him (oh, gee, I wonder who he might have gotten that from), he stayed home from school today. He actually stayed in bed in the morning so it is Just Possible he actually was ill. However, by late morning he was up asking for a Healthy Breakfast (yogurt was acceptable to him). Then he wanted a movie (Monsters Inc. Again. Good thing I like that movie.) and popcorn. I exploited his interest in Healthy Eating by first offering him baby carrots and then delivering the popcorn after he'd had a chance to eat some of the carrots (in the event, he ate all the carrots, but you know how it is in front of a movie with crunchy snacks).

I caught up on some blogging, chatted with my sister on the phone, and then T. and I went for a walk around the block. After that, we walked (I walked, he scootered) down to Julie's Place for lunch. It is not quite 1 p.m., and he's looking a little bored so I may suggest another activity in a few minutes.