May 17th, 2016

Today's Activities Include: catching up on TV, dinner out

Our second babysitter is somewhat recovered from recent surgery, so R. and I got to go out to dinner (Crossroads -- it's always odd going to a restaurant where everyone asks about your son, but they love him, so it's all good). Even better, C. got A. to work on her homework and they did some reading while at dinner, so we didn't even have to cajole A. into that. Nice.

I took all that extra time and put it to good use: I spent a lot of time reclining on a couch or my bed, watching network television that was sitting on the Tivo: Three episodes of Bones and the season finale of NCIS.

Speaking of that latter SPOILERS RUN AWAY NOW OR ZOMBIE KORT WILL RISE AND GET YOU, between the photo, the scarf/shawl/wrap/blanket that Tony was sniffing and Tony's thoughtful, Ziva always had a go bag, followed up with, "Ziva loves Paris", and the statement that he was going to Israel for answers, I feel like Tony believes that Ziva is still alive and faked her death and is waiting for him to join her with the kiddo. So you may be crying and believing that she is dead, but I choose otherwise.

I picked up T. early at school so he could go get a red strip put in his hair. They did it up right: bleached it more or less to white then dye on top. It looks fantastic and he's very happy about it.