May 16th, 2016

Today's Activities Include: Way Too Early, Power Outage, Vacation Planning

Today started way too early, when A. bounced into my room asking if it was morning yet. At 5:45 a.m. Possibly a little earlier. I convinced her to return to bed for a half hour or so but by 6:20, she wasn't having that so I set her up with a laptop to watch Cookie Swirl C (may be spelled wrong) videos on YouTube and tried to get back to sleep.

I have been feeling unwell lately (allergies and/or cold, anemia, etc.) so once A. was on the van for school some hours later, I laid down for a nap. And I just basically did that for quite a while today. I made lunch. I went for a walk with M. (just the one mile loop, slowly). I watched half of Friday's TRMS. Played a little on the iPad. Deleted some email. Paid a bill. Picked up the mail and went through that. Bought Season Passes for StoryLand. Forwarded a bunch of emails to TripIt because I haven't done that in a while and if I let the credit card get dinged for Pro I might as well use it. Logged onto MyDisneyExperience to set up some ADRs. It was all little stuff, but it was nice to get through some of it.

After M. and I got back from our walk, I realized the power went out. And it stayed out for two hours, which is long for a daytime outage. And it wasn't just us. The accident on main street appears to have been unrelated (altho you never know), but the school was out of power, both my walking partners houses were out. A. came home and usually she wants to do something involving a screen but today that wasn't a great option. I offered to take her to the library, where there would be internet, but no sale. Instead, we played a few rounds of Chutes and Ladders and BBQ Blitz, then she did her math homework. Around the time she was wrapping up the math homework, the power came back on.

We've each had late snack/early dinner, depending on one's perspective. And I am ready for another nap.

Before you get all, Oh Wasn't It Nice Playing Board Games With Your Child Instead Of Staring At Screens, no, actually, it wasn't. It was okay, but it wasn't better. I think I have played enough Chutes and Ladders to last a lifetime, and my primary response to having to play again was Thank Goddess She Won Every Round And Relatively Quickly. That game goes downhill fast, so to speak, if one is unlucky. _I_ have zero problems with going down chutes and never finishing. A. is not so philosophical. I might feel differently the next time I play board games with A., if we could maybe play something a little more advanced. (Honestly, NOT Sorry! either. I find that one even more dull.)

Right now, I'm really hoping that the rinse and spin I put the laundry on turns out okay. It stopped midcycle when the power went out and I'm not sure where it was in the cycle when it stopped.