May 12th, 2016

It's Always Taxes

Look, I get that Nixon was a horrible President. I understand that. However, we've had more than one horrible President, and honestly, the older I get, the more confused I am regarding precisely _why_ it was that people who were adults in the Nixon years hated him so very much.

Okay, then. Yeah, I get it now. Wow.

Someone could have mentioned this to me _sooner_.

I went looking because the almost certain nominee for one of the parties has been quite slow to release his returns, and TRMS was contextualizing Why Candidates Release Their Returns.

Fave sentence in the above linked article: "Ironically, Nixon may have been the first AMT taxpayer."

About West Virginia

I'm not sure _why_ NPR put this as the _last_ paragraph, but I do think it's worth paying attention to.

"According to exit polls, just 33 percent of Democratic primary voters said they definitely would vote for the Democratic nominee; 27 percent said they would vote for Trump. Forty-four percent of Sanders voters said they would support Trump in the fall, while just 23 percent would vote for Clinton."

I remember the 2008 race in some detail. Winning West Viriginia is something that a Democratic candidate would obviously like, from the perspective of getting delegates. But as one of the last holdouts of That Other Kind of Democrat, winning West Virginia is an uncomfortable thing for anyone running in a national election.