March 28th, 2016

Glenn's drawing of Amazon's office layout is making the rounds

A friend (who is also on the map) linked to it. I was commenting to my walking partner where my office was, where my then boyfriend's office was, where the Bensons' offices were, where the Larues' offices were, and then of course there were SK and EL, who got together somewhat later, and the friend who posted the link, BT ultimately married someone else on that floor, ML. Mackenzie even appears on the map, altho I don't recall her still working full time by that point.

It's not like there were that many of us on the floor, for so many long term relationships to grow out of.

It's not really from 1996 -- it's from 1997 and the map is clearly labeled. Someone wanted to make it an even 20 years even tho it isn't. Yet.

If you know of another LTR with both people on that map that I missed mentioning, I'd love to hear the deets, even if it happened after the date on the map and has since ended.