February 22nd, 2016

Airline seating

Usually, when a story about airline seating makes the rounds, it's a negative. But sometimes, it's a pipe dream -- or something that will actually exist, but only in markets I'm unlikely to ever experience (so, for example, the row of seats that makes up as a bed, that is/was only a reality on very long haul flights like to Australia, also known as cuddle class in a related configuration).

In today's pipe dream:


Instead of three seats in a row, a bench seat that could be three seats for median adults, two median adult seats and space for two small children in between, or two seats for substantially larger than median adults. Or, you know, people who just hate touching the person next to them, but don't want to pony up for business/first.

Kind of a cool idea. Doubt I'll ever see it in reality, and in any event, my kids are already bigger than the Very Small Child range anyway.

Today's Activities Include: kid still sick

I sent my son into school (well, R. did, anyway) and as soon as R. was safely out of the house, the school called and asked me to come get son back. Ah well. I hadn't wanted to send him in, but he really wanted to go, and he didn't have a fever.

The cascading effects of this: canceled babysitter, because son doesn't want to get her sick (he probably _got_ this from her, because she had it first); R. will have to take A. to her swim lesson; canceled son's swim lesson; told book group I won't make it today.

I also notice that I was supposed to send in more school supplies with daughter today. Ooops. Maybe we'll go to Staples and cough on everyone there.

Oooh, look a feature at Amazon that I can break! [Edited because it isn't new, it's kinda old.]

BI describes a feature at Amazon where you can get CSV reports of all your orders. Well, _you_ can. But apparently I cannot.

Here is the article at Business Insider:


Here's what I posted over on FB (in part) when I tried to do this:

"After a full minute went by, I got this message: "Your report is taking a while to process. You will receive an email when your report has completed." Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it. Oh well. It was worth a try. I don't know of any other retailer that offers you the ability to request, at any time, a list of all your orders going back 20 years. ETA: Ha! I refreshed the list on the web page and got this message: "Your report has failed. The issue may be temporary so try again in a few hours. If the issue persists, please contact customer support for help." ETAYA: I'm gonna take this over to LJ after a while, but for right now, I'm trying for a beginning through retirement report and it is taking forever. It may just not work well going over records from the 1990s."

I've tried to generate two reports so far: one from Jan 1 1995 (it went in as Dec 31 1994) to today. It failed. The second report is from Oct 31 1995 to Sep 10 1998 (I think my first order was in November 1995 and I retired Sep 9 1998). It has also failed.

This should NOT be regarded as a complaint in any way shape or form. What I am trying to do is inherently unreasonable. However, since it is there, and no one is telling me not to do this, I'm gonna keep poking at this and see what happens. If this feature goes offline or acquires some additional verbiage about what acceptable date ranges are, well, my bad.

Experiment: just the last two months of 1995. Failed.
Experiment: quick settings for 2015. Success! And the total number was way less scary than I expected it to be. Which makes me wonder.

Successful years list (2014 2013 2012... )

Onward to other years! I'm using "Google Sheets" to load the CSV report into and do the summation.

ETA: It looks like kindle ebooks and similar do NOT show up on the order report. I'm noticing a significant trend in the total dollars spent 2013-2015 inclusive, and it is down. Weirdly, by about the same dollar amount each year. HOWEVER, I bet this would not necessarily be the case if digital orders were included! I was a little puzzled by why digital goods do not appear in the order report, but apparently the feature was created for people who want the report for tax accounting and digital goods are not a heavy use item for that crowd.