February 7th, 2016

Kirkland Signature XO Brandy

Is this a review? Sort of.

I asked R., do we have any brandy? Because I was sawing through some very stale baguette and putting it in a bowl to make bread pudding. Well, something I call bread pudding, whatever it actually might be. He says, yes! After a while, he wraps up whatever he was doing on the laptop and gets the bottle. I look at it with great suspicion.


I open it up. Smells pretty good. I ask, "How much did this cost?" Because while I'll put Cointreau in a bread pudding, no way in hell will I pour Remy XO into a baked good. Maybe Hennessy, but not Remy. I wanted to know where this thing fell. Apparently at the about $50 a bottle end. Okey dokey. Some of it went into the bowl.

A little later, some of it went into the taster glass R. brought up from the Cape Cod Brewery tour we went on last summer. I have not yet had the bread pudding.

As for what I drank out of the glass: not quite as subtle as Remy (at least not how I remember Remy, the brandy I originally ordered at a restaurant, to find out if the price difference between the two brandies on offer was justified. I decided it was, but I'd rather drink it at home, at that price), but better than Hennessy. I'm not much more sophisticated than that, altho I have my suspicions that the proof on this stuff is at the high end of the brandy range. (Bottle says 40%.)

I'm sure a lot of bad decisions start with drinking Kirkland Signature branded liquor, but I'm prepared to take that risk. And not because I'm price sensitive, because I'm not.

ETA: While I'm at it, I liked the Germain-Robin R. ordered at 80 Thoreau this past week quite a lot more.