January 29th, 2016

Minimum Wage Musings

I was about to post this on FB when I went, naw. This is gonna turn into one of those gigantic link fu posts. Expect edits at the end.

Today I asked myself: Hey, What Are the Democratic Candidate's positions on minimum wage, and why? Here is Slate with an answer from a few months ago. I had never heard of Alan Krueger before this. Because I have only lived in Very Expensive Places, I think $15 is kinda low for a minimum wage. However, because I have visited Much Less Expensive Places, I recognize that $15 is kinda high for a minimum wage. This makes deciding on a national minimum wage very, very difficult. After reading this, I understand why HRC is not supporting $15 nationally. HOWEVER, I can't help but wonder if maybe we could create some sort of index off the local (county or state) median income or similar, to make a national minimum wage that wasn't a dollar amount that needed to be revisited in the law every little bit, but rather something that went up (or even down!) naturally and in a locally sensitive way. That's probably a little too nerdy for politics, however.



Alan Krueger, who is mentioned in the Slate piece, does interesting work in general.


Here is the paper with David Card mentioned in the Slate piece:


Here is a Hamilton Project paper about setting state/local (county and city) minimum wages as a fraction of local median income with adjustments for cost of living (regional CPI), etc. It is NOT by Krueger.