January 4th, 2016

Today's Activities include: Lunch

After watching my sister prep her dinner around 10 a.m. in the morning (to eat no earlier than noon, and often not until evening -- and usually this was a meal for more than just her), it occurred to me that I could get around A.'s whining about "what's that smell" whenever anyone tries to cook anything in the evening by doing the cooking earlier in the day while she is at school.

So while a subject line mentioning lunch would normally indicate going out for a really tasty meal somewhere, this time, it is me actually cooking. I thought about cooking for later, but I just didn't have it in me today, so I cooked a steak, garlic bread, tomatoes and mushrooms and ate most of it for lunch (half the steak will go in the fridge for later.

I recognize that most people cooking flat iron steak aren't (a) cooking strip or (b) using an actual (old-fashioned) flat iron. However, I thought that rather than firing up the grill (it's snowing) or turning on the broiler (rarely ends well for me), I could just break out the cast iron. While I was getting a cast iron griddle out of the drawer, I spotted the iron (usually used for bacon in our house, and that not for a long time) and thought, hmmmm.

Turned out well -- beautiful color on the steak. I'm sure my husband would find something to complain about (he really loves using the grill, and when he's here, I'm never interested in discouraging him), but I'm happy and would do this again.