December 9th, 2015

Book Review: _Dragon Bound_, Thea Harrison (first in Elder Races series)

I read a sample or teaser for this a while ago, but then never pursued it. But after reading _Secret Sisters_, I was in the mood for more trashy fiction and less trashy iPad games. So I bought it and read it. It was good enough to result in me buying and reading book 2, and buying and partially reading book 3 (I haven't abandoned it -- I've just gone back to the games).

In yet another paranormal romance series, we got our shapeshifting Wyr (some as old as the formation of the Earth), our Vampyre (spelled with a y), human Witches, Goblins and other Demonkind and I forget what all else. They've divvied up the planet. In this outing, our heroine is probably Wyr, isn't really sure what she changes into, because she's never changed, an orphan. She has some intrinsic powers that make her very valuable and that caused her mother to raise her to keep herself a complete secret, but of course, living closeted sucks so she does tell someone and she does choose poorly so the book opens with her having to go steal something from the Most Powerful Wyr Of Them All. Antics Ensue.

The usual interspecies and crossover to human politics are present and handled in an average way. The slapstick humor is _amazeballs_. There are a ton of laugh out loud moments. The create-sexual-tension-and-sustain-it is somewhat above average. And it is clear right from the beginning where this series is going to go in terms of future couples.

If your other series have run their course, and humor is important to you, this is pretty good. Best of all, while it has the One True Mate thing (gah), the One True Mate thing applies to Wyr and not to mates of another species, making for some entertaining risks on the Wyr side (altho not for this couple). While the age thing is kind of extreme, it isn't explored in any sort of creepy way.