December 3rd, 2015

Majoo argues that more tech companies should be going public

It's a really good argument.

It's also notable, in what it _does not include_, which is anything at all about how this is an unusually bad market for anyone to go public in. For years, that was a required disclaimer/explanation for the persistence of many companies with extremely high valuations to avoid "going public". It's no longer relevant, obvs, and now, it doesn't even rate a mention. Yay!

A Better "Plate"

Fantastic article about culturing bacteria (soil, tidal, in the human mouth, etc.) in new containers. There are some business ideas here as well:

"When other scientists email Epstein to ask where they can buy ichips, he sends them instructions for making their own."

So some supply company ought to start making those for scientists working in this area. Given that this is a new field for drug discovery, that should start happening _soon_.

Short form: marine biologist from the former Soviet Union got real interested in tidal flat bacteria and figured out how to culture them. In partnership with someone else interested in figuring out alternative ways to culture bacteria, they've found many new bacteria species AND identified multiple, completely novel antibiotics.