December 2nd, 2015

In the News: Drones and That CEO Who Gave His Employees Raises

The URL for the Drones article is potentially trigger-y, so, you know. Awful accident with a drone.

I have no idea what kind of regulation is going to help with this. "The BBC described Evans as an "experienced" drone operator." If this kind of thing happens with an "experienced" drone operator using a drone in his own backyard and has this kind of effect on the neighbor's kid, well. Geez. Drones are gonna be as bad as cars?

Speaking of gravity, the CEO of Gravity Payments in Seattle got some coverage in Bloomberg that was maybe not _precisely_ what he was hoping for.

There is some disagreement about the basic timeline of events of the lawsuit (Lucas Price suing Dan Price) that should become clear in the course of the lawsuit (not looking great for Dan at the moment, that's for sure). And things are about to get really complex, if the TEDx talk referred to the article actually airs.

There are a bunch of aspects to this story that forcibly remind me of the John Edwards 2008 campaign and its aftermath.