November 27th, 2015

Recent Activities Include: MIL visit, T-day festivities

My mother-in-law came for a brief visit prior to attending the East Coast service for her son-in-law's father. R. went with her. After that, we all drove over to Albany to visit R.'s family for T-day. We arrived Wednesday night, stayed at the Homewood Suites in Albany for two nights, and then came home. We left R.'s mother there with his brother/her other son, and I believe she has since caught a flight home.

As a result of all this, there was a significant Lack of Posting for the last several days, and in the interests of extended family harmony, I'll just say this:

It was a lovely visit and a fantastic T-day. The food was wonderful. The cousins had a great time together. It was great to see everyone. And the turkey was done early enough so that even with a delayed dessert course, enough digestion had occurred before our early bedtime that we had no difficulty sleeping.

I mean, realistically, it was the Perfect T-day.

I figure if I start telling hilarious stories of what happened, I'll manage to screw up and offend someone, and since I appear to have escaped the visit without already having done that, I'm gonna see if I can maintain this streak.

Oh, and some of the brussel sprouts came out of my sister-in-law (the host)'s garden. Too cool!

(People reading this on FB may or may not be able to see a photo of one of my nephew's standing on a ledge and thus being a very bad example for my children by doing so. It is captioned by my brother-in-law -- the host -- as his son "getting high". That's the kind of hilarious story I'm trying very, very hard not to tell. So don't get me into trouble imagining something really bad.)