November 22nd, 2015

"Did you know we have a boost fan?"

My husband asked me a question about the very, very incompetent "electricians" who wired our house. Apparently, there is a boost fan on our dryer vent. The dryer is on the second floor; vent is out a basement wall, so makes sense there would need to be one. But the behavior of system led me to assert, "We don't have a boost fan." My husband says, well, it was acting as a second lint filter, and showed me a frightening amount of lint that had built up on the boost fan since we moved in over 6 years ago.

The "electricians" had never wired the boost fan. Stunningly, the electrical inspector and the home inspector we hired at the time we purchased the house also failed to notice this.

It is now wired.

I do not approve of the electricians who wired our house. The good news is, they are probably the kind of electricians who only get work during huge building booms, so they've been punished enough over the last several years.