November 15th, 2015

Fall Florida Trip Report: Hollywood Studios, 1900 Park Fare

Today was probably the worst bust so far. I misread the schedule and thought there was Extra Magic Hours in the morning so we got to the park an hour too early. Ooops. That did put us in the right spot for line drop, so we all went (in two groups) on Midway Mania. Then A. and I did Star Tours. Then A. and I _tried_ to do The Great Movie Ride. We were _on the ride_, when they said it had broken down. *sigh*

We went and bought a bunch of Xmas ornaments while I had my weekly phone call with my friend K. Then we went back to the hotel (we took the boat, altho we could have walked), ate lunch there, played iPad games and went swimming.

We had a 4:20 dinner reservation at 1900 Park Fare and the kids were excited to get autographs. After watching what happened at the next table over, I've decided the Correct Move is to bring props. They had a tiara and the wicked sisters had a blast with it.

ETA: On Nov 11, I got email from TouringPlans saying they had upgraded their expected crowd at Hollywood Studios this date from a 5 to a 6. Their historical page now says the actual crowd was a 9.

From a planning perspective, I really got screwed by TouringPlans. I will _never_ pick Veteran's Day/week again for a trip to WDW.