October 27th, 2015

Today's Activities Include: oops ... OW (cut off the tip of my thumb), puttering

My Dutch lesson was canceled today, so I had a morning walk with M. Then I wasn't feeling motivated enough to take a long walk, so I puttered around a bit before making salad for an early lunch. Alas, I screwed up with the knife and took off the tip of my thumb when I was chopping romaine. *sigh* R. kindly came home after stopping at CVS to pick up some better bandages. I was trying to send him pictures of how much came off, but accidentally sent them to my walking partner instead. I decided to make the best of an error, and asked her to show them to her mother, who used to be a pediatrician. R. and the retired doc both thought I should go in and have it reattached, but I unilaterally decided it was definitely not worth it. I had NOT lost sensation or movement, and it just wasn't that deep (probably into the dermis, but just barely -- certainly no involvement of the tendon). It stopped bleeding, so I doped it up with antibiotic ointment (because I of course popped it right into my mouth as soon as I cut it, because That's What I Do, and I know there are tradeoffs and I just Do Not Care) and slapped a bandage on it. R. went back to work and I finished making the salad.

After I finished settling down, I remembered the last time I bashed a finger (in a car door). I _had_ gone in that time, because the bleeding didn't stop after several hours and I was concerned (turns out that means it was draining and it was a good thing). I got some painkiller out of the deal, and as is typical for me, had not finished the bottle, so after duly researching what happens a couple years after expiration on this stuff, I decided I had no particular reason why I should be sitting around hurting, when I could be sitting around _not_ hurting. So I am not hurting, and definitely not driving anywhere. Also, no drinking, because there is tylenol in this and alcohol + tylenol is asking for trouble.

In the mean time, I really don't feel like a long walk now, but once I wasn't hurting so much, I got bored enough to go through the last drawer in A.'s dresser that I hadn't sorted through the old sizes. I also went through a stack of school paperwork (oh, look, homework from October 2 that I never consciously saw. Ya know, first graders shouldn't have homework anyway. Fuck it. And we've been catching the subsequent homework anyway so who cares) and disposed of a bunch of it.

Other than listening to Bloomberg TV in the background and playing some iPad games, the highlight of the day has been minor decluttering. Which is not a bad thing, given how badly things _could_ have gone, if I'm feeling out of it enough to have an accident with a knife.

ETA: Oh, wait, thought of something else that happened before the big distraction. I was off paying a credit card bill when I saw a suspicious transaction (an error by someone who is supposed to be charging us for something once a week, NOT some kind of stolen credit card number situation). I called up the company, and had to patiently explain it to them about four times before they grasped the idea. Basically, I'm expecting a once a week charge (housecleaning) of a certain amount. Which was there, but on the exact same date there was another charge for a different amount, which I was not expecting. Sometimes, there is a double charge on one date because there was a missed charged a previous week, but then it should be the same amount -- and we'd had charges every week for the last 5 weeks, so it seemed very unlikely to be that. And I had already figured out all the weird charges from the month before that when we were out of town and other things led to slightly unusual sized charges. In theory, I was supposed to hear back from the bookkeeper when she came in, but unless there had been turnover, I think that woman doesn't ever want to communicate with me again. The last time she called, I had to explain to her that the check was for the babysitting charges, not for the housecleaning charges, and she actually hung up on me (granted, I did offer to quit paying the babysitting charges, if that would make life easier for her -- and I eventually _did_ quit paying the babysitting charges, after ending that aspect of our relationship with the company). Fortunately, I did get an auto-generated email for the reversed charge (from authorized.net), so maybe I don't care that the bookkeeper has decided not to otherwise contact me.

ETAYA: T. came home with a note that he should get a Recorder at the music store in Littleton. And then I thought, wait, we've _done_ this before. So I got out the Yamaha pink recorder (or red or wtf it is) and handed it to T. Predictably, A. said, I want one, too! And I got the _other_ one out, because we've _done_ this before.