October 12th, 2015

Today's Activities Include: We're Baaaaaccck!

We spent Columbus Day weekend (Friday night through to this afternoon) in New Hampshire visiting Santa's Village in Jefferson, NH and Storyland in Glen, NH. I'll update the previous daily posts with trip reports. Probably.

We are unpacked. The photos are uploaded from the rides (still need to do my phone, and R. is entirely on his own). The next couple days will be a mad dash to complete taxes in time for the deadline (yeah, if you're like, what deadline, never mind and just feel lucky). I got to do a three mile walk after dinner at Crossroads Cafe with T., where I had the makers mark manhattan (a completely impervious to reality buzz, if I meter it correctly with the right food, in this case, the spinach salad and entirely too much bread). I feel great. It probably won't survive folding laundry, but you never know.

ETA: Trip report portion: Today, we went to Storyland. And today, it was T.'s turn to fall down and skin his knee through his pants. And his elbow. I found the first aid station and they handed me some bandages, antibiotic cream and antiseptic wipes. All the comforts of home! And more than I had in the car, even with it all packed up to go home. It was super quiet, no lines anywhere. The kids even rode the pumpkin carriage up to Cinderella's castle, which normally has an insane line. We were bummed that the Glockenspiel was closed, but we didn't seem to care about the Swan Boats being closed.

After lunch at Food Fair, we headed home and made good time. There was one accident north of Concord, NH, but we detoured to avoid it because we noticed it on google maps in time.