October 5th, 2015

Cordray at Peeple responds to the Rage

I first encountered references to Peeple on my FB feed, in the form of a Shakesville link and some accompanying commentary.

Here is the Shakesville link. I don't recommend actually reading it. It is _quite_ vicious to Cordray over at Peeple.


Recently, Julia Cordray of Peeple has responded to the generalized rage in the form of an essay publicized at LinkedIn. Here is the LinkedIn link. I _do_ recommend actually reading it.


I'm a little unclear on why some of my friends and Shakesville think that the sort of language used at Shakesville to condemn this woman are okay, but the kind of language likely to show up at Peeple is NOT okay. Look, the Internet means that there's a certain permanence and pervasiveness to our basically judgy human nature that wasn't the case before (or at least not if you didn't own your own printing press or have lots of time to take your box down to the park and yell imprecations at the crowd every day). That's kind of a bummer, on the one hand, and kind of a benefit on the other hand. I suspect the concern with Peeple is that it will behave the way something like it would behave in the hands of a bunch of Mean Girls from high school or college. In practice, Peeple is likely to fail quickly (most things do!), and if it succeeds, it'll probably assemble some fairly nuanced and complex policies to address the issues which do arise.

But assembling reviews of persons in one place doesn't seem categorically worse or even that different from slagging them one at a time on our blogs. And failing to notice that while doing it seems weirdly ... wrong, but hey, lots of things seem wrong to me.

First observations about new iPhone 6S

(1) I like the Rose Gold. It is Pretty. However, my Speck case covers almost all of it. So.

(2) That is a large screen, and very, very high res. I now notice that the sunrise image I've been using from a Disney trip over a year ago is kinda blurry. I never noticed this before! Bummer. I will now need to get a new background picture. *the horror*!

(3) The tree peony on the lock screen also looks a little funky. I'm wondering if the original photos were fine, but what happened when they got snipped for the screen didn't translate well to the new phone?

(4) It is very light. It is weirdly, surprisingly, light.

I'm sure I'll have something much more substantive to say. Later.

In unrelated news, I had to reboot my Watch today. It was acting weird. Oh, I guess I should make sure my Watch is talking to the correct Phone. Hmmm.

ETA: Lock button is on the side.

ETAYA: Okay, I think I screwed up with the Watch, altho I am Really Very Okay with that. I didn't think to unpair it until after I'd already backed up the phone and restored the new phone from the backup. And when I unpaired it, I think that's when it stored all the data -- and of course that didn't get transferred over. Good news? Maybe I can get it calibrated correctly this time. We shall see.

In any event, the new phone is now paired with the Watch. Altho you'd never know it because the new phone thinks it needs to have the OS updated. Already.

I have also gone through the recycle process on the Apple store and BrightStar (which is kinda evil -- for the contact block, they require a title, and only offer Mr Mrs and Miss. SERIOUSLY IT IS 2015 YOU PATRIARCHS). They are offering me $90 if my phone is as described.

ETA still more: Activity App on the Watch appears to have some/all of today's activity. Hmmm.