September 18th, 2015

We All Love to Hate Carried Interest

It's obscure. It's pretty obviously awful and ridiculous. Alas, it has historically had many defenders in politics, because the financial industry donates to both sides.

Wouldn't it be awesome if, with everyone (Trump, Jeb Bush -- albeit as part of a package that stinks, and obvs Clinton and Sanders) kinda conspicuously opposed to Carried Interest being treated as capital gains, we could finally change that?

Yeah, it would. But I am not going to hold my breath, because you could def die waiting for this one to go away.

More coverage at NYT:

Today's Activities Include: Thor, Doc McStuffins Pet Vet, I'm a week ahead, etc.

Today, I went to the mall for an appointment at the Apple Store. Alas, the appointment is actually next Friday. Oooops. So I had lunch at the food court (sushi -- "salmon boy"; it was good, and that weird point where you feel like you paid a lot for lunch at a food court but it was really sort of cheap for sushi, so what are ya gonna do?) and then went to Macy's. Among the things I will admit to buying was a _purple_ North Face jacket. Sweet.

The costumes arrived from The Disney Store. T. is now dressed as Thor (with hammer, so he is def worthy!) and A. is dressed as Doc McStuffins Pet Doctor.

We're off to dinner at Woods Hill Table as soon as the baby sitter gets here for A. (she hates the smell of just about all food so it's really awful taking her out to eat. I really hope she outgrows this phase.).

The hammer sez: "Loki! Your mischief knows no bounds."