September 11th, 2015

Today's Activities Include: Dentist, vacation planning, playdate

I went to the dentist this morning. I screwed up when I scheduled both the hair appointment on Thursday and the dentist appointment this morning (Friday). I kept thinking in terms of A.'s bus schedule/school schedule last year. This year, she doesn't get on the bus until 9 or 9:15, so I need to schedule things much later in order to have time to get there after she gets on the bus. Oh well.

Disney vacation planning has all kinds of deadlines. One is looming, so I am busily looking at the calendar and talking to my sister to figure out precisely what we want to do and when. It is less than 2x as hard to plan a vacation for two families, versus just for one, but it is definitely more complicated than just planning for one family.

We had our monthly playdate with the B.'s! Very fun. All three kids (T. decided to hang out with the sitter) played together really well for hours. Kind of amazing, and really wonderful. Sure, there was some screaming, but it was pretty easy to deal with and no seriously hurt feelings (or anything worse).