August 24th, 2015

Today's Activities Include: We Deplane, Collect Bags and Go On Rides

We got on a Delta non-stop from Logan to Schiphol last night (total elapsed time between returning from our Cape trip and departing for the Netherlands: about 40 hours). Unlike our trip two years ago, this flight has _true_ lie flat business class. And boy, those few degrees make all the difference in the world. Also, the entertainment systems are way better. A. played until about 9 p.m., at which point I set her bed up and let her figure out that sleeping was more fun than playing games on the entertainment system. I "forgot" to order allergy meals (= sick of eating high sodium airplane food which is highly caloric and yet strangely unsatisfying), so we ate at a Friendly's at the airport (an error, but the kids' fault for turning down the Wendy's option), which meant I basically got on the plane, set up A. with headphones (R. was responsible for T. on the other aisle -- we had a whole row across. I would probably do a column next time) and then went to sleep. I woke up to take care of loud noises and that was about it.

With the wind at our back, it was a short flight, a little over 6 hours and since we had boarded before 8 p.m. you can work out the implications of that for yourself. But it was a beautiful day, none of our luggage was damaged or lost and BB&L was ready and waiting with an Opel Zafira with 3rd row seats (altho it took us a while to figure out they were there). The gentleman who did our paperwork set the GPS to speak in English (butchering place name pronunciations, but saving me from having to translate all the left, right, etc. for R). We drove to Efteling and then ran straight up against Dutch rigid mealtimes, because by the time we were there, breakfast was over but lunch hadn't started. So we set up our day bags and went into the park to go on rides. There is a new coaster: Baron 1898! Too big for A. to be interested. My initial goal is to get us on Carnaval, since we missed it last time (still not sure how that happened), and then after that I want to see how many rides like Flying Dutchman we can do that A. was reluctant to do before and thus I missed doing. I don't care as much about the big coasters.

We exited the park (with some calories on board, altho we were sad the Kip Lollly from two years ago has been replaced with some very weird tasting chicken nuggets. Also, the park ketchup is entirely too low in sugar and salt) and checked into our Bosrijk villa a little after 3 p.m.