August 20th, 2015

Today's Activities Include: continuing Duolingo, the end of a series, swimming

I've managed to maintain by Duolingo streak (up into the 80s now). I've been emailing back and forth with my second cousin in the Netherlands about an upcoming trip, and we're doing more and more of the convo in Dutch, which feels like a success for me (also, good practice, altho I just want to smack myself when I forget and use wanneer when I should use toen).

I read the last Carrie Vaughn Kitty the Werewolf book, _Kitty Saves the World_ (and no, they did not put a spoiler on that title, so I won't either); review to follow at some point.

We've been going swimming (almost?) every day this trip, which is nice. A. is a little bummed her cousins always are playing in the deep end, because she prefers the shallow end. She's also bummed that they ride their bikes a lot faster than she does. This is the downside of an age difference.

I bought a small frying pan for A.'s pancakes a couple days ago, which is a lightweight pan with ceramic lining, so nonstick without PFOA. If you haven't tried this technology and don't have a compelling reason to think it is evil (if you _do_ have a compelling reason to think it is evil, please tell me, because I can't think of one!), you might want to try it out. It works really well, unless, of course, you _want_ something to stick to get a browning effect in which case, go get a different pan.