August 16th, 2015

Today's Activities Include: Toys R Us, Friendly's

I imagine you thinking, wait, what decade is this?

As usual, we spent a chunk of the Toys R Us outing looking at the limited Minecraft merch (why isn't there more Minecraft merch? It's always weird when you go to buy plush and plastic crap and it doesn't exist). There were also some Lil Pet Shop blind bags purchased, some Terraria (my first encounter with this brand). We bought a couple soccer balls (one purple and white the other pink and white), but mostly we were there because we forgot A.'s scooter. The one we bought (YGlider XL) was better suited for her current size than any of the ones at home, so it will replace about four too small scooters. Yay!

After toys, lunch at Friendly's. I know, they went through BK, but this store was still open, and it's still recognizably Friendly's. If I'd planned ahead, we probably would have found another restaurant, but that's okay. At least I didn't overeat (BLT with coleslaw on the side).