August 8th, 2015

Today's Activities Include: Play date at playground

A. is going to summer school with twins who she was in preschool with. She had, in an earlier year, attended their birthday party, which was super fun. Their mother called me to set up a playdate. We met at a local playground in the morning and the kids played for an hour and a half before we broke it up for lunch and other things. It is so unusual for my daughter (or my son, but he didn't participate in this) to stick with other children -- moving from one activity to the next fluidly and happily and without having to be reminded that the others have moved on or objecting to what they want to do vs. what she wants to do. Best of all, I had had a good impression of their mother before this, but after hanging out with her for over an hour I like her a whole lot and feel like she is my kind of people. I really hope that we can keep making this happen.