July 7th, 2015

Odd things in today's news

Normally, I don't pay attention to the news after the July 4th weekend, but maybe this year will be an exception. After all, Greece! Who the heck knows what might happen there! Probably, honestly, just stringing along banking support for months until the fall rolls around, but you never can tell.

Anyway. In the meantime, I sure never expected Verlot and the Big Four Ice Caves to make national news.

Here it is at Chicago Trib:


Weird, right? Very tragic. Obvs, the caves are super cool and amazing and fun, but this is not the year to go look at them. No cell phone coverage there -- ya gotta walk a ways to even call in the disaster.

Meanwhile, the WaPo (other Washington, or, Washington-the-city as I grew up thinking of it), has an article about the 2005 Cosby deposition:


Silly paragraph, obvs written by a millenial child of boomers who has Bought His Parents Lies about how old they really are (and apparently edited by same, or people sucking up to Boomers lying about how old they really are):

"But for those in their 40s or older, the court documents were notable for another reason: they gave a name to the drug Cosby allegedly used. A very recognizable name."

That should say, "But for those in their 50s or older". R. is 5 years older than me, and even his age range was vague on precisely what quaaludes were and what they did, but by the time you get down to me, forget it. We have no clue. "Wait, that was some kind of drug, right? Like, there were SNL jokes about it, right?" If you are in your 40s this year, you were barely legal to drive when quaaludes went away. [ETA: AT MOST, barely legal to drive. You might have been in primary school.] And when they went away, they went away _hard_. None of this, ban it and it just comes back cheaper and more powerful like with cannabis or heroin. No. Gone.