July 5th, 2015

Final Day in New Hampshire, Story Land

We packed up in the morning and then went to StoryLand which was really dead. We brought swim suits and did the raft ride a couple times and A. got completely soaked in the water play area outside. We did a couple rides after an early lunch and headed south. This time, we skipped interstates entirely, so it took us forever to get home, but we weren't stuck in traffic and it was pretty. At T.'s suggestion, we stopped at Johnson's Dairy Bar in Groton for dinner.

We unpacked and did a bunch of laundry. I got a walk around the block. I tried to pick up a pizza for tomorrow's lunch for T., but DiCapri's was closed over the weekend. R. mowed the lawn.

It was a very smooth trip. The playground in front of Santa's Village has been reassembled in the old ticket booth location. It looks much better with a fresh coat of paint.