June 26th, 2015

Dentist and Lake Compounce

Last summer, when we were driving to Pennsylvania to go to HersheyPark, we saw Revolution and some of the other coasters at Lake Compounce in Bristol and Southington CT from I-84. We thought, hey, we should look into that. And so, this weekend, we went down to Homewood Suites, unloaded our stuff and went over to the park. We were originally going to do this the previous weekend, but there was a horse show so we rescheduled to this weekend. Alas, no two bedroom suites were available so we made do. Also, we had already scheduled both kids and R. at the dentist today a month ago, so we went north to Nashua before heading south. We had lunch at Littleton Sub Shoppe (that was the most crowded we've ever seen it).

But we still were in the park from around 4 until after 7. We skipped the water park, because we figured we'd do that the next couple days. We had dinner in the park. I got to go on Boulder Dash, described here in Wikipedia:


Longest East Coast wooden coaster and it has won many awards so of course I wanted to go on it, but wow, I should not have taken A. She was moaning when she got off and wouldn't stop for many minutes, altho she did interrupt her moaning briefly to tell me her Fitbit Flex had buzzed because she had attained her step goal for the day so I doubt permanent damage was done. She was mostly okay until the bunny hops at the end and honestly, I would have been okay without those, too.