June 3rd, 2015

Skip if Bored Now about Watch and Exercise Calculation

Today, I went into the Activity App on the phone and looked at the history there. The _very first_ time I turned on Workout was on May 31. My sense had been that this is where everything broke down, and looking at the Move charts and the calorie bars on the Move charts, it is, in fact, abundantly clear that that is what happened. And I think I know why. I turned on Workout and Outdoor Walk at the top of a hill I had just climbed, and left it on for the remainder of the workout.

I totally fucked up the initial calibration. I'm doing Outdoor Walks with the phone in my hand and Open Goal in the hopes that it will get better, but I'm not sure how much data it is going to need to overcome that initial setting. This time, I tried going for a truly mostly flat walk (my default walk has a nice big hill on it and a couple smaller ones -- I like that, because it is good for intervals), and I convinced it to count 9 out of 20 minutes of that walk as exercise. (Again, 17ish pace for most of the walk, BPM never dropped below 115. It knows my age.) But I forgot to tighten the strap for the walk, and for a while there when I'm quite certain my heart rate was at most 120, it was convinced it was just over 180, which is insane.

I hate the idea of walking around with this thing tight enough for the heart rate monitor to be better -- it'll give me a rash, I'm sure. I'm already having to take it off more to dry off under the band. I'm going to wear it on the inside of my wrist for a few minutes and see if that changes how well the heart rate monitor works.

Nope. It initially looked promising, but no.

Dave Smith at BI suggests Apple Pay could be Watch "killer feature"


You know how I feel about this. This is the first instance I've seen of someone writing an article making this point (I mean, other than me) but I'm sure I've missed dozens and my Dear Readers will point me to them in the comments.

"The word I'd use to describe it is "frictionless.""

I've got that old Erica Jong phrase stuck in my head. Zipless something or other . . .