June 2nd, 2015

Exercise on Watch definitely broken

Today I went for a 20 minute walk around the block (a mile), with the Watch and my phone. In the past, this walk (Workout App not on ETA: it occurs to me to mention that I did a 20 minute Workout App on with Outdoor Walk checked around the time these problems started, which is why I suspect calibration may have broken this) has counted at least 15 minutes towards "Exercise". The walk typically takes 20 minutes, altho longer if we've got my walking partner's dog with us. Anyway. It counted _1_ minute towards "Exercise", and I was going, if anything, faster than usual because it was raining and I wanted to get back home. So calibration has occurred and it has made things much, much worse.

After poking around and determining that (a) I'm not alone and (b) Apple is NOT taking this seriously yet, because they think we aren't Doing It Right, I have decided to start actively ignoring the fitness tracker components of the watch other than the step counter and the Stand reminder (and I reserve the option of deciding to ignore the Stand reminder because other people are having trouble with it, too). I took it out of Glances. I turned off all the Notifications and Awards and Summaries. As far as I'm concerned, this thing really is just a snazzier replacement for the Fitbit Flex, the Baby G with the added feature of an outdoor temp and next item on the calendar on the face, which help to make up for the fact that this thing isn't water proof, like the Flex and the Casio. That's basically what I bought it for (that and Apple Pay, which I really should try out some day), and that'll have to be Good Enough.

If you are thinking of buying a Watch as a fitness tracker, you'd better really hate your Garmin or whatever, or you're gonna be disappointed. Maybe they will fix it in a software update.

Oh, and if you reboot your Watch, there's a good chance your Exercise minutes for the day will be erased. Not steps or calories or Stands or whatever -- just the Exercise minutes.

Didn't know that was the Dutch word for a property

For reference purposes, the English term would be "real estate" (the only _real_ property is real estate, little joke there), the French term I believe is immobilier. The Dutch word is "landgoed". Same language that calls toys, "speelgoed".

Definitely not treating real property as very special there. Sort of the opposite of the Anglo-American thinking, and unrelated to the French perspective (French for furniture: meubles, which is a corruption of the same underlying word meaning movable -- really, you can just see the aristocracy roving the countryside from one bit of land to another, unpacking all the goods in the drafty castle or whatever, staying for a bit, packing it all back up and moving on. Important to distinguish between the smaller, carefully crafted shit you bring with you and the sturdy but not particularly carefully made shit that stays behind).

Why Esperantists think it either possible or desirable to erase all this embedded meaning has always been beyond me. You can tell that I'm culturally very American, because I was _shaken_ by the idea that anyone could be _that_ flippant about real property. Yikes.

More about "Exercise"

In the spirit of, hey, maybe I just didn't calibrate it right, I did this AFTER I rebooted the Watch (I did not unpair the Watch or restore it to factory settings or anything that drastic).

(1) I cleaned the back of the Watch with water.
(2) I switched the band for the smaller band and made sure it was tight enough I could not slip a finger between the band and my wrist.
(3) I took my phone in my hand. I set the Workout App to "Outdoor Walk". I made sure that System Services location stuff was turned on. I started "Outdoor Walk" with no goal. I started it. I resisted the temptation to walk with my hands in my pockets.
(4) I walked around the long block (a measured mile, and the Watch agreed it was a mile), and since I was still under 20 minutes at that point, I detoured and went around a neighboring, smaller block (about a half mile, and Watch agreed). My pace was consistently below 20 minutes (usually 17 and change sometimes 18 and change). My BPM never dropped below about 118; the Watch thought the overall average was 128.
(5) After 31 minutes, I arrived home, ended the Workout App "Outdoor Walk", hit Save, went to the apps screen, waited a few seconds and then checked "Exercise". It gave me credit for 24 minutes of the walk.

I dunno what the hell the programmers who put this thing together were smoking, but if they think a brisk walk is faster than 3 mph, or they think that a 46 year old should have an average BPM during a brisk walk that is higher than 128, they should just fucking tell us what the real numbers are and make them settable. For the record, I did the mile walk portion of this outing twice earlier in the day (once by myself, once with my walking partner) and got no Exercise minutes towards the goal. Steps are being counted (I'm over 13500 for the day).

Bro. Ken.

What's weird, is it did so much better before I opened up the Workout App the first time, which makes me at least a little suspicious.

Because I believe this should have been a calibrating activity (GPS active and all), I'll update this if I see better behavior, but I'm not feeling a lot of optimism.

Here is a post script on the subject of what a reasonable cardio range would be for someone my age:

220 - 46 = 174

70% of 174 = 122

Nobody thinks 70% of max heart rate is shabby.


208 - (.7 * 46) = 176 max heart rate
70% of 176 is 123

206 - (.88 * 46) = 165ish
70% of 165ish = 116

Why should they not be using Karvonen? Because Karvonen produces higher heart rate goals for people who are in worse shape. Which at a minimum seems like a big bite of liability to be taking on.

A Brand New Reason to Unfriend Someone on FB

Former friend on FB has told FB a fictitious birth date. That's fine, but then she shared it with her FB friends. Less fine, but whatev. If you want to get extra, random HBDs not on your birthday, that's cool. Here is what is not cool.

"In today's social experiment, I have officially proven that facebook turns people into sheep." There was more. It did not make it better. It felt like, oh, look, your shoe is untied, and a slap in the face.

I did not, actually, wish this person an HBD. I was, actually, feeling mildly guilty for not doing so, but I had some issues with her before this. However, calling people sheep was a bit over the top. That is not socially awkward. That is something else. So, unfriending occurred next. Followed by finding the birthdate in question within under 2 minutes. Because birthdates are not private information. Pipl gave me the year and ancestry.com provided the full birth date. If you've voted, gotten a driver's license or any number of other things, and your name and place are not _too_ common, I can use ancestry's collection of databases to find your birthdate. The followup, weak excuse of, you can see why I don't want FB to know my birth date, makes no sense.


FB = Facebook
HBD = Happy Birthday
Pipl = pipl.com