May 23rd, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend in New Hampshire

Yesterday, we picked up the kids from school (A. first, then T.). We drove up to North Conway. The drive was largely uneventful. We stopped in Manchester, NH to eat an early dinner at the Red Arrow Diner. A. said she didn't want to eat there, but that didn't stop her from eating a grilled cheese sandwich and half of one of the enormous whoopie pies.

We got to spend about an hour at Kahuna Laguna (the indoor water park) before turning in for the night.

Saturday morning, we headed out to Jefferson to go to Santa's Village after a brief stop at Dunkin' Donuts. Santa's Village has removed the big slide and play area out front and moved the entrance from where it used to be to that location. It is a much better setup. This is the first year A. actually wanted to do and completed the Elfabet game -- previous years have been uninteresting or there was a negative interaction with her perfectionism and her ability to line up the little card in the elf punches. We spent the morning doing that, then stopped for lunch, which she _really_ did not eat much of and that proved to be a problem later on when she had a massive melt down when I refused to go on the log ride a third time. (I lost my hat. It was a Grumpy hat with theming from the new Fantasyland mine ride. *sigh* I bought a lavender Santa's Village hat to replace it.)

A. had wanted to go to Applebee's the previous night and I put her off to tonight, but she balked at that and wanted to stay in for dinner. So we did. The kids ate snacks. I had salad and cole slaw and some chicken I brought with me. R. wasn't feeling very well and didn't eat much. In theory, tomorrow is a bike ride and Storyland.