May 7th, 2015

Today's Activities Include: A.'s half day, play therapy, swim lessons

We're on hiatus with gymnastics for T. because we're waiting to get a replacement teacher. We've been on hiatus for swimming lessons for both kids because of some teacher related issues that I think might actually be resolved now. Play therapy has been ticking along but we've got two weeks off from that coming up.

So there has been a lot of cancel.

But today, A. had a half day and she spent a couple hours with the sitter. Then I took her to play therapy, and at that point, we should have had time to hand her over to R. to go swimming, but the sitter had T. and they grabbed a swim bag for him that didn't have a swim suit in it. Gah. R. hastened to deliver the suit, and I took A. with me over there to meet him. Which involved an extra our of driving that I had not planned on.

The weather continues to be glorious. I joined a neighbor while out on a walk and got a longer walk than usual. It's sort of like walking with R., tho -- she walks very fast.