May 5th, 2015

Today's Activities Include: trashy TV, beautiful weather and filing

My Let's Take Some Rest Time has continued into a second day, because the first day made me feel so much better it was amazing. These aren't Do Nothing At All days, because I'm still getting well over 10K steps a day; I'm just not going down to Great Hill.

Normally, I would have a Dutch lesson today, but one of us wasn't feeling well so maybe next week. I took advantage of the spare time to catch up on some filing. Wow, did that feel good. I wish I was joking, but there is a lot to be said for reducing the random piles of crap lying around waiting to be filed. True, they grow much more slowly than they once did, but still. They have to be taken care of eventually.

I think I've finally wrapped up what I need to do for the condo rental situation. As long as things are in flux with management, there isn't really someone to give the contact registration and lease copy to, but at least it's done, all in one place, and now, even includes links to information that Washington State and City of Seattle Law require landlords to supply tenants. You know, things I should have been doing that I didn't know about.

I spent the balance of my time binge watching Agents of Shield. It is definitely growing on me -- the first couple episodes were kind of slow and weak but either they improved or I set my expectations appropriately, but I find them entertaining now.

Tomorrow is dentist and T.'s half day.