May 4th, 2015

Today's Activities include: sun! a walk, and as little else as humanly possible

I have decided that a rest day is in order, mostly because I developed a really weird twinge that is no where near my foot. Going to Great Hill has enabled me to get a lot of walking without making my foot burn in weird spots that make me nervous; alas, I think I went downhill a little too fast yesterday and I'm regretting it. I had 3 18K+ step days last week and one day I hit 20K, so I figure a rest day is A Good Idea.

It is beautiful out, so perhaps I will haul the cot up from the basement and stick it on the porch. Because it is beautiful out, sunny and 70s, supposed to hit 80.

Trashy Movies

SPOILERS! Run or Thanos will get you, cause he's gonna Do It Himself.

We went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. Spader was an excellent choice for the smarmy, despicable Ultron. It was Hilarious listening to Tony Stark and Thor talk about their women who failed to arrive at the Revels. There were few slow moments in the movie, and an excellent sense of humor pervaded it. There was more backstory for Black Widow than I have seen in any other Avengers movie, altho I really could have done with the standard, Joss Whedon TM style Oh My Relationship Never Works Out angst, this time between Black Widow and the Hulk. Also, I don't blame the Hulk for disappearing and sulking after she pushed him off a cliff because she wanted the green guy instead. Oh, and then tried to get him to de-hulk right as people showed up in a hail of projectiles. I wouldn't trust her, either. Excellent production values. Fantastic set of trailers at the beginning. The Burlington AMC has the awesome leather reclining seats. It was a great return to seeing movies as an adult, and had been about 10 years (Hitchhiker's Guide was the last movie I saw without kids in tow, in a theater).

Today, I took a rest day (weird twinge in my knee, plus it has been a while since I've had a rest day). I thought, hey, I should watch something on iTunes. And not more TV shows. I binge watch those plenty. I picked _Lucy_. Luc Besson movies are always weird and slightly annoying, but they are also imaginative and often have Great Moments. This is definitely a Luc Besson movie. I'm unconvinced this is a good example of a superheroine, given that she starts life as a hard luck/bad judgment party girl who gets suckered by a guy she dated briefly into delivering some drugs. He dies (yay) but then she is turned into a mule and sent off with the drugs, where she is then beat up in an attempted rape that breaks the plastic and lets some of the drug loose in her changing the fraction of her brain that she can use.

In other words, where guys get radiated or bitten by a spider to become super heroes, somehow, women are always Vessels. I am so, so, so, tired of Woman As Vessel.

All right, fine. Moving along. Lots of fun playing with armed bad guys. I'm unclear on why she didn't kill a lot more of these people earlier on in the process, given how much havoc the ones left alive then proceed to wreak further along in the movie. Apparently, while the party girl has gotten super powers, her judgment is still pretty centered in the moment. Oh, and how did all the knowledge she got fit onto what seemed to be a glorified thumb drive?

Never mind. It's no _Long Kiss Good Night_, or even _Barb Wire_, but it's worth watching anyway, because you just don't get to see women commit this much mayhem while staying the Good Protagonist very often.

If you have a suggestion on what I should watch next, I'm open to ideas. I haven't seen the last three or so X-Men movies, so they are definitely on the list.