April 23rd, 2015

Today's Activities Include: Haircut, tired kid, play therapy

Both kids went with the sitter for long enough for me to walk over to get a haircut and walk back, and not a lot more. Then A. came home, because she was laying down in the ball pit and not wanting to do anything. We hung out until it was time for play therapy, where the therapist viewed it as a challenge to get her to be energetic (I canceled swimming; we all have horrible coughs, probably allergies, but no fun to swim with. Also, T. had some loose stool and I have a terror of kids pooping in pools.). Eventually the therapist hit upon a game in which there was "rule" not to knock over some toys, and of course A. was. So then the therapist got a police officer cap and asked A. what was going to happen next. A. said go to jail and get a ticket. In "jail", there was some discussion about how A. was going to get out. I said, wait for me to come bail you out. And then the therapist asked A. what getting bailed out meant, and A. say, "you pay money and then you get to leave". At which point I realized that somewhere along the line, my 6 year old learned what bail was. Which is weird, and presumably involved a TV show, because I sure didn't teach her that. That I can recall.

Also, I just now noticed that John De Lancie voices Discord on My Little Pony.